Galaxy Assault is an android game by Mobage Games. Its only available in english language. It is free to play and without advertisements and uses the premium system moba coins.


Galaxy is at war. The coalition (Humans) and the Swarm (insect aliens) fight for the supremacy over several planets. But then the elders (high-tech Aliens) join the fight to establish a new order and peace to the galaxy.

The Game

Galaxy assault is a virtural collectible card game. The player collects Equipment (like mechs, tanks or weaponry) and Fighters (pilots). Each player builds a deck from his collection, consisting of 9 equipment paired with 9 fighters. Different equipment combines better with different fighters. While equipment has combat-values in Assault, Tactic and Support, fighters modify those numbers by positive or negative percentage in each category. Deck building gets interesting with skills of the fighters, which modify the battle numbers even further, when several conditions are fufilled (like piloting a special type of equipment). Both, equipment and fighters can gain levels due to fusion (scraping other cards of the same type for XP). To test their own deck and win credits, players can challenge other players. The battle is resolved automatically and the reward for winning is based on the difficulty of the opponent.

The Collection

All cards in Galaxy Assault have a special rarity, shown by number and color on the card: Common (blue bordered, 1), Uncommon (blue bordered, 2), Rare (gold bordered, 3) Super Rare (bronze bordered, 4). The general rule is: The rarer a card is, the stronger its stats and the higher its level capactity(which leads to more enhancing). Common, Uncommon and Rare cards are won in the conquer mode, super rare cards can only be won in special cardpods. These can be bought for 100 Schematics (white pod) 1 Medal (bronze pod) oder Mobacoin (gold pod) erhältlich. Only the gold pods garantuee rare or super rare cards.

Friendships and Hails

Each player can add other players to his pool of allies, if they agree. There is a limit for allies, that depends on the player level. Once per day a player can hail his allies, gaining 10 schematics each.


Galaxy Assault clearly uses modern science-fiction games and artwork as inspiration. The swarm has similarities to Tyranids (Warhammer 40k) or zerg (Starcraft), the Elders remind of the Eldar or Tau (Warhammer 40k) or Protoss (Starcraft) and the Coalition is inspired by several Mech using human factions in science fiction (Battle Tech, Starcraft, Transformers)


Galaxy Assault has recieved general positive reviews (4.4 of 5 on